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Inhuman Traffic

Nothing beautiful about this kind of degradation of the feminine.

Sexual Exploitation Documentary, narrated by Angelina Jolie.


Inhuman Traffic : Director: MTV EXIT | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2005

Synopsis: MTV EXIT presents Inhuman Traffic, a special programme presented by Angelina Jolie. Inhuman Traffic is a fast-moving and compelling documentary that provides an introduction to the human rights tragedy of trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation in Europe. Featuring Anna, a woman from Romania who was trafficked by her neighbour to the Balkans where she was forced to be a prostitute for 2.5 years, and Tatiana, a victim who spent 6 months as a sex slave in Amsterdam after being sold by her boyfriend. Their harrowing stories are told along side other characters in the trafficking chain, including a potential victim, a young man who pays for sex, an anti-trafficking police officer, and prevention and assistance organisations. Inhuman Traffic gives an insight into the trafficking chain and how we can help break that chain.


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This is a video i will watch many times.  The narration is very sparse and it an experiential film in to empty mind and with Southwest landscape.

Living Temples – Sacred Land : Director: Jan C Nickman | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2009Synopsis: When was the last time you experienced something extraordinary… powerful… nameless? Move beyond the discussion of consciousness and into the experience of it on a forty five minute field trip for mind, body and soul with Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman. Journey through sacred lands of the American Southwest as Academy Award winning actor Linda Hunt and Grammy nominated composer David Lanz take you to a place you long to be. A place in which by simply being there, you are changed. Featuring world-renowned flautist Gary Stroutsos and former First Soloist of the National Ballet of Canada Caroline Richardson. “In this time of extraordinary evolutionary upheaval, it is important that we live lives grounded in optimum harmony and health and living in balance with this precious and awesome planet we call home. Living Temples synergy of natural planetary beauty, deeply resonant music, and contemplative spoken word strikes a rare chord that re-balances and heals mind and body. If you are ready for inner change in your life, press ‘play’.” Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief and co-author of the forthcoming Spontaneous Evolution.

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Chilika Bank$

This is a well presented documentary of Chilika Lake , the largest coastal lake in India.  Until  the 1970’s the lake and her people lived a peaceful sustainable life.   They found out  the prawns that had been the primary source of the village for food was considered a luxury and much sought after item in the Western world.   The next four decades are chronicled to show the progression of the dark side of globalization on this small fishing village.

(Chilika Bank$’ traces 40 years of ecological changes in Asia’s largest brackish water lake. Situated in the state of Orissa, Chilika is a vast lake spread over three districts in the state. In the lake almost 50 rivers & rivulets merge with the water from the Bay of Bengal, making it a rare mixture of saline & fresh water. Chilika has a unique bio-diversity with many endangered species of flora & marine fauna. The film traces the changes in the lake since the export of the Prawns began in the 1970s. The gradual changes in the society, its values and relation with the lake. The film is told from the perspective of a banyan tree on the shores of Chilika who is a witness to these changes. The 1980s when the lake was over-fished; the 1990s when aqua culture began in a big way, further endangering Chilika’s ecology; and 2001 when, in order to prevent the imbalance of salt and fresh water in the lake, the controversial ‘artificial sea mouth’ was opened – a decision that continues to threaten the livelihoods of the fisher-people and the life of the lake herself.)

Once again the producer is Rajiv Mehorta.  The story is narrated from the watchful eye of a lone Banyan tree. I in particularly like the beginning narration from the tree’s view.

” In the golden lap of the sun sets over another day, the lone traveler walks the pathway drowning in solitude. In the twilight hour the Banyan tree begins a tale, as the twilight caresses its leaves.  It is believed they tremble with an awakening, that moment the Banyan can see everything, here everything. The moment the sun sleep in the lap of the lake.

The Lake shares her joy and her sorrow with the tree.  Who else bothers about the lake anymore?  The joy of the fishes was stolen by the fisherman.  The smiles of the fishers were traded in business.  The pleasure of business was sold in market.  To all this stood a witness, the Banyan Tree.  Clothed in the shadows of the night the Banyan will tell many stories.  Tales of fishes and fisherman, tales of fractured relationships, tales of lake Chilika.”

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Chilika Bank : Director: Akansha Joshi | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2008

Synopsis: In a canvas spread over four decades, a banyan tree, on the banks of the lake Chilika, silently whispers tales of the lake and her fisher folk. From the times when there was no export bazaar to the time when there maybe no lake.

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The Flowering Tree

I just watched a documentary.  It could well be the best Documentary  i have ever seen.   It is truly Art and so very symbolic in its portrayal  of the deep feminine psyche.  It tells the stories of women’s menstruation and yet so much more.

This blog is to a Nature blog and the subject of the movie is about women and menstruation stories but i wanted to place it here anyway for this hour long film is one of the most interesting art and feminine psyche piece i have ever seen.  The part of me that loves Nature is the primal feminine and the two blend together.

It is subtitled and from India.  This one is so very rich.  I also noticed  this woman Rajiv Mehrotra has many other Documentaries available  on Culture Unplugged.  I am so WOWed by this documentary.

A Flowering Tree : Director: Vipin Vijay | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007
Synopsis: A relational origin story that woman’s menstrual rituals are the roots of human culture, and that in human evolution women and men have markedly different relationships to blood. – IDPA Award 2007 for Excellence in Sound Design – Certificate of Merit, Best Documentary Category, IDPA Awards 2007

A Flowering Tree


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Nanda Devi

Tonight i was watching a Documentary about Nanda Devi which is a biosphere land reserve in India.  Truly a beautiful documentary.

Nanda Devi The Hill Goddess


There was an explorer that came to the area and he was so inspired by Nanda Devi that when he returned home he named his newborn daughter Nanda Devi.  When the daughter Nanda Devi was 22 years old she returned to the mountain of her name and while climbing the mountain which is the second largest peak in India and is known as being very treacherous for climbers she fell to her death just as she was near the summit.  The night before she fell she wrote in her diary;

” I stand upon a wind swept ridge with the stars bright above me and I am no longer alone I waiver and merge with all the shadows that surround me.  I am a part of the whole and I am content.”

Nanda Devi Unsoeld

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